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An Integrated Development Organization

The Foundation, established as an NGO, works for overall sustainable development of rural and urban India. It is actively engaged in the following fields:

Environment: The SEARCH Foundation promotes a concern for the future, the sustainable use of natural resources and social equality. It trains the environment experts for better implementation of structural projects. It also endeavours to bring all stakeholders on one platform for exchange of latest ideas/ techniques / technologies for practical implementation to achieve better environment quality.

Integrated Development: It works actively for providing shelter, nutrition, healthcare, sanitation and hygienic environment to destitutes and neglected street children. It strives to undertake formal and non-formal education for street children. For the women, the Foundation imparts social and legal awareness about the rights of women, their protection against any form of exploitation and empowers them through vocational training. The Foundation also aims to work among physically, visually and mentally challenged people and assist them to develop self-reliance through training programmes and awareness campaigns.

Literacy for under privileged children: The Foundation has planned an ambitious program to establish school for underprivileged children. In the first phase, the capitals of different states will be covered, providing education and healthcare to about 25,000 children. Project ASHA DEEP Saathi Haath Badhana for social empowerment will be subsequently extended to cover other cities and town of various States.

Rain Water Harvesting: The Foundation has also planned to create nodal centers for Rain Water Harvesting (RWH). The RAIN CENTRES will be created throughout the country at the States capitals in the first phase and later on extended to other cities and towns, these RAIN CENTRES will be very effective tools for helping in popularizing the concepts of RWH and empower the local communities to manage their water resources in an effective manner.

Solid Waste Management (SWM): The Foundation provides an active forum to share ideas and experiences in the field of Solid Waste Management. To achieve true sustainability, we must reduce our garbage index to near ZERO. We need to popularize innovative and speedy implementation of the sanitary landfills. The Foundation is setting up National Solid Waste Management Cell (NSWMC) whose responsibility would be to invite Queries on the subject for various State Level National Agencies (SLNAs) for issuing subsequent clarification and answers on SWM issues.

Corporate Environmental & Social Responsibility (CESR): It is now understood by all that the Corporate world is an active partner in sustainable development of the country. Environmental and Social Responsibilities must be fully integrated into corporate business objectives and visions. The Foundation acts as a catalyst in this gargantuan task.

SEARCH Foundation has set its goals to work in the areas, which are yet unexplored and also those emerging as focal areas of high attention. We undertake activities with the following aims:

  • To endeavour for community development with social equity.
  • To promote a concern for future and to advocate the sustainable use of natural resources with comprehensive environmental concern.
  • To equip the society with the knowledge, skills, values and practices needed to live in a sustainable manner.
  • To popularize cutting-edge technologies and techniques to ensure a steady march towards achieving a status of a developed nation.
  • To undertake social and legislative activities to ensure integrated wholesome development and progress with full environmental protection, conservation and restoration.

Our Tools : We aim to promote latest environmental research methodologies and techniques for sustainable integrated development at various levels and bridge the gaps between the development theory and practice. For this purpose, we bring various stakeholders together regularly on one platform to put their heads together for extensive deliberations and coming up with useful initiatives and strategies for actual grass-root implementation to ensure a better tomorrow. We carry forward the momentum thus generated, through advocacy for policy changes and legislative measures, wherever required.

Our Strategy

  • To bring various stakeholders engaged in national development and progress on a common platform for discussion and deliberations in order to evolve strategies for actual “grass-roots” progress and to ensure a better tomorrow. 
  • Conducting:    Workshops / Seminars  / Symposia  / Lecture Series / Conferences to Popularize Cutting-edge Technologies / Techniques and their adoption for practical utilization.
  • To carry forward the momentum thus generated through advocacy for policy changes and Legislative measures wherever required.
  • To connect  all the Universities / Institutions in India  through the alumni network.
  • To provide structured implementable model for execution of activities at the district level, so that others can also learn, sparkle and extrapolate these activities in their own ways at various levels. In a nutshell, we are looking at Sustainability → Replicability → Scalability.
  • A Continual Model for implementation of activities / programmes as per the thrust area of company and Need Based Assessment (NBA) in the individual area / district.
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