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Environment Issues form one of the core areas of concern and attention of SEARCH Foundation. It is strongly felt by us, and gradually by all others, that protection of all-round environment should be a prime concern of every true Indian. Social organizations have a direct responsibility to educate the people about this complex problem. The Foundation has been actively pursuing the objective of achieving and maintaining healthy environment. Accordingly, we have planned to organize a series of lectures on Environmental Issues. This is aimed to focus, garner and disseminate information about the issues concerning environment and sustainable development by bringing all stakeholders (Govt. departments NGOs, researchers, corporate sector, industries, environmental scientists, policy makers) on a common platform, so that tangible solutions can be evolved and pursued vigorously for implementation. The first two lectures in the series were undertaken jointly with Coca-Cola India, who are also similarly committed for working towards improving environmental conditions in the country.

First Lecture in the series was organized on 19th November, 2004 on the subject of Water Conservation and Augmentation using Rainwater Harvesting.

Second Lecture was organized on 31st January, 2005 on the subject of Role of Corporate in Environmental Sustainability.

  • A Seminar on "Water Conservation and Augmentation using Rainwater Harvesting" was organized on 19th November, 2004.
  • A Conference on "Role of Corporates in Environmental Sustainability" was organized on 31st January, 2005.
  • A National Workshop - cum - Conference on "Emerging Technologies for Controlling Ground Water Pollution; Drinking Water Perspectives" was organized in association with IIT Delhi on 19-20th May, 2005, at IIT, Delhi. The Conference was supported by AICTE (GoI), Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission (GoI) and Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF), Govt. of India.
  • An International Conference on "Groundwater for Sustainable Development: Problems, Perspective and Challenges" was organized in association with JNU, IIT Delhi, IIT Mumbai and KTH Sweden during 1st to 4th February 2006 at India International Centre (IIC), New Delhi. This was supported by GTZ, SIDA, DST and MoEF.
  • A National seminar on "Compensation to Crime Victims, with Special Reference to Women" was organized on 18th February, 2006 at Patna. The Seminar was supported by NCW.
  • The National Remote Sensing Day was celebrated on 12 August, 2006 in association with Indian Society of Remote Sensing (ISRS), Delhi Chapter and Indian Institute of Sustainable Development, New Delhi.
  • A Workshop on "New EIA Notification dated 14th September, 2006" sponsored by Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF), Govt. of India was organized on 29th September, 2006. The above Workshop was organized within a fortnight of the promulgation of the said notification.
  • A Blood Donation Camp was organized on 24th December 2007 at JNU campus with the assistance of medical practitioners from AIIMS and local community workers.
  • A Two day National Workshop-cum-Conference was organized on 18th and 19th April, 2008 at New Delhi on "Green Buildings: Striding towards Environment Protection and Clearance". This was for the first time that Green Buildings and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) were interfaced with the process of Environmental Clearance (EC) for the Construction Projects.
  • Public awareness campaigns on "Bio-diversity Conservation" were organized on 22nd May, 2008 and 5th June, 2008 under National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC) Programme.
  • A two day National Conference on "Solar PV: Emerging Viable Option with Technology & Policy Thrusts" was organized at New Delhi on 30-31st October, 2008 with support from Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Govt. of India.
  • Organized a National Workshop-cum-Conference on "Environment Energy, Occupational Health & Safety (EEOHS): Vital Necessity in Corporate World" on 27th and 28th February, 2009 in New Delhi in association with Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF), Govt. of India.
  • A National Workshop-cum-Conference on "Environment Impact Through Efficient Management of Solid Waste: Technology Impetus & Policy Transformation" was held on 10th and 11th September, 2009, at New Delhi This was supported by MoEF, ONGC and Department of Environment, Govt. of National Capital Territory of Delhi.
  • The first and second National Workshop-cum-Conference in the National Series on "Fostering Green Buildings for Sustainable Development & Environmental Clearance" were organized at New Delhi and Gurgaon on 10th December, 2009 and 23rd Feb., 2010 respectively, to spread the concepts and techniques of Green Buildings.
  • Conducted an Awareness Campaign Programme on environment in Noida on behalf of MoEF during the period 1st December 2012 to 31st March 2013.
  • A special symposium on "Green Building: Striding towards Environmental Protection and Clearance" under the National Conference on "Climate Change and Sustainable Development: Emerging Issues and Mitigation Strategies (CCSD-2015)" on 23-24th November 2015 in Bhim Rao Ambedkar Central University, Lucknow.
  • A national conference on "Depolluting Indian Cities" was organized in association with International Development Centre Foundation (IDC), School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi (SPA) and International Roma Cultural University (Serbia) on Sept 18-19th, 2015 at India International Centre, Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi-110003.
  • A national seminar on "Past and Present Geochemical Processes- Impact on Climate Change" with "School of Environmental Sciences, JNU" and "Indian Society of Applied Geochemist" on Dec 22-23th, 2015 at Jawahar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi.
  • A Workshop-cum-Conference on "Green Building: Striding Towards Environment Protection & Clearance" was organized with SEIAA Haryana and HSPCB on June 04, 2016 at Panchkula, Haryana.
  • National Summit on Startups cum Corporate Meet program with Ennoble IP and GRC India at Royal Orchid Central Grazia, Plot No. 67, Sector 19, Vashi, Navi Mumbai was held on Aug 27, 2016.
  • National symposium on  “Impact of Emerging Toxic Chemicals on  Humans, Plants, Diseases and Sustainable Development” on Nov 25-27,  2016 in association with Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi.

  • National Conference on "Disaster Management Preparedness" was held on Sept 16-17, 2016 at India International Centre (Annexe), Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi with IDC Foundation, International Rome Cultural University, Belgrade (Serbia), Indian Optometric Association, Sunrise University, Alwar (Rajasthan)

Execution of these activities can be carried out by co-opting NGO’s, Universities or other development institutions.

  • A National Workshop-cum-Conference on "Corporate Environment and Social Responsibility: Opportunities and Challenges in Contemporary India".
  • Third National Workshop-cum-Conference in the National Series on "Green Buildings: Fostering Sustainable Development of Environment Clearance" in association with Department of Ecology & Environment , Government of Karnataka
  • National Symposium on "Biomass Energy-Issues and Solutions for Clean Environment and Energy Secured Future" in association with Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi and Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt of Inida.
  • A National Workshop-cum-Conference series on "Enhanced Participation in the Emerging Carbon Market for Environment Protection and Clearance through Policy and Technical Thrusts".
  • National Conference cum Awards Ceremony-An important area of activity of SEARCH Foundation has been to organize national level workshops, seminars, symposium & conferences to address technology gaps, bridge them and to bring various stakeholders on a common platform to discuss, deliberate and formalize recommendations on various Environment issues for Sustainable Development and for relevant legislative and social interventions, wherever required. For this purpose, regular programmes are organized on issues of cutting-edge technologies, Environment & Sustainable Development. Annual awards are instituted every year for exemplary contribution by individuals/ organizations/ corporate for process design and best practices in the environmental field encompassing social as well as environment sustainability assessment.
  • An ambitious programme to set up schools for underprivileged children has been envisaged by the Foundation. In the first phase, the capitals of all States will be covered, providing education and healthcare to about 25,000 children. This Project will be taken up by the foundation under the "ASHA DEEP: Saathi Haath Badhana"for social empowerment. It will be subsequently extended to other cities and towns across the country.
  • "RAIN CENTRES" equipped with Rain Water Harvesting structure have been planned to be setup in all the state Capitals in the first phase. Later on, it will be extended to other cities and towns. These RAIN CENTRES will be a very effective tool for popularizing the concepts of RWH and empowering local communities to manage their water resources in an effective manner.
  • Development of Rock Gardens in various cities of India, on the pattern of Rock Garden, at Chandigarh has been planned by the SEARCH Foundation.
  • State Development Forum-This wing of SEARCH Foundation deals with the issues related to development of prototypes & demonstration projects in rural & urban areas across the country related to greening of environment, Empowerment of weaker sections of the society with participation of local administration/ sons of the soil & philanthropic organizations, Awareness Programmes are undertaken to cover the social aspects and give the necessary impetus.
  • Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility (CESR)-This is becoming an essential part of Environmental Compliance and is an ongoing process for any EIA related project. A dedicated team takes care of the needs of the clients in meeting the requirement of the CESR projects from start to finish.
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