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An Integrated Development Organization

USP of SEARCH Foundation

  • SEARCH Foundation is a national level voluntary organization working for social empowerment  and environmental sustainability.
  • SEARCH Foundation has  been granted IT Exemption certificate issued u/s 80G of Income Tax (Exemptions)  Act.
  • We have an allied Environment, Energy, Occupational Health & Safety (EEOHS) consulting organization, Grass Roots  Research & Creation India (P) Ltd.
  • Strong reputation in various Central and State Ministries.
  • In depth knowledge of Environment and related aspects & areas.
  • Strong network of alumni (schools, colleges, institutes, universities etc.) from all over the country and worldwide.
  • Have great minds available as a part of talent pool of varied domain area experts in their respective field related to EEOHS.
  • Pioneer in Environment Clearance process and related NOCs as a Environment Consultant who believes in hand-holding with concerned stakeholders for betterment of society at large.
  • The structured and systematic approach for implementation of activities through Nodal Centre on Environment and Social Management under the concept of Janma Bhoomi – Karma Bhoomi.
  • It’s not a project with a starting and ending point rather, it’s a permanent ongoing process; wherein any organization, individual can enter, participate and contribute their bit in this onerous goal of environmental sustainability and social empowerment.

Creating a digital platform for each district in India to connect members district wise under the concept of  Janma Bhoomi – Karma Bhoomi for environment sustainability and social empowerment.

Our Strategy

  • To bring various stakeholders engaged in national development and progress on a common platform for discussion and deliberations in order to evolve strategies for actual “grass-roots” progress and to ensure a better tomorrow.
  • Conducting:    Workshops / Seminars  / Symposia  / Lecture Series / Conferences to Popularize Cutting-edge Technologies / Techniques and their adoption for practical utilization.
  • To carry forward the momentum thus generated through advocacy for policy changes and Legislative measures wherever required.
  • To connect  all the Universities / Institutions in India  through the alumni network.
  • To provide structured implementable model for execution of activities at the district level, so that others can also learn, sparkle and extrapolate these activities in their own ways at various levels. In a nutshell, we are looking at Sustainability → Replicability → Scalability.
  • A Continual Model for implementation of activities / programmes as per the thrust area of company and Need Based Assessment (NBA) in the individual area / district.

Our Vision:-

  • To facilitate integrated development of the Indian society in a sustainable manner.

Our Mission:-

  • To work for overall integrated development of urban and rural Indian society through concerted efforts, by inspiring and channelising the energy of youth and garnering the expertise of acknowledged experts in various fields, for broad based progress.
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